Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being Blue if its not being Blue....

Tomorrow is the big day! Well, the one I've been waiting to arrive for the last 2 months!
Tomorrow, We get to see our little bub, make sure all is well, and find out the gender (as long as bub plays along!)
With this pregnancy being so different from the others, I'm finding it hard to not get my hope up and convince myself that we will be told its a boy. Of course, we'll be happy regardless of the sex, as long as the baby is healthy, but having three girls already, We're both really hoping for a little boy!
It sounds horrible to say I'll be a tad disappointed if we're told its a girl, but I'd be lying if i said i wouldnt!
It'll just take a moment of readjustment, and I'm sure we'll be just as excited!
Baby Girls need pretty clothes, and a pretty name, and all sorts of lovely baby things too!

So for now, we wait, and try not to think one way or the other!

and here is a updated belly photo:
18 weeks - on a good day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Bread Men, and other brainless wonders

I love Christmas Baking...Okay, so i just love Baking!
Last yr, My MIL and FIL gave me some fun fun presents including a Gingerbread House Kit, and A Cookie Tree Kit.
So this Christmas, I have beautiful new toys to play with!

Just the other night, I decided i felt like gingerbread, so i whipped up a batch of beautiful little Gingerbread Men! I decorated two of them gorgeously with chocolate and icing, and Tim & I sat down to enjoy them with our cuppas!


Until I bit that poor little head off....and discovered that I had forgotten to put the ginger and spices into the dough!

Here's to Pregnancy Brain! 

It reminded me of the time, when i was pregnant with Elliott, and I left Pumpkin in the microwave for 3 days! (And we didn't have a stove, so it beats me why we didnt need the microwave before then!)
And the time, when i was pregnant with Zoey, I forgot to put the flour in my Ginger Slice!
And then there was the time,  not long after I'd had Bronte, and I used SR Flour instead of Plain Flour in a cake! Boy did it rise....and then sink! (The invention of Ca-bikkie-tarts!)

Here's to Pregnancy/ Baby Brain!! 

 What silly things have you done while pregnant or soon after??

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner

And the winner is.........

#3 Amanda Eastment! 


Please pop over to Baby Laila and let me know which two bibs you would like, and where they can be posted!

Monday, December 13, 2010

15 Weeks - We like to move it!

 Here is my 15 week Belly photo:
Pretty sure I'm going to be alot bigger this time!

In other news, finally, i felt the baby move last night!
I say finally because almost 16weeks is late for me! It took a bit longer with my first (17wks) but since i know what i'm feeling for now, i felt the other girls fairly early!

So last night, as i was watching The Santa Clause 2 and eating Sour Skittles (Pretty sure that had something to do with it), I felt 2 little movements! Tim even managed to put his hand on my tummy and feel one without Quatrini realising!
And now, i get to enjoy the moving for a couple of weeks before it just gets painful/annoying/non-stop!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The waiting game

It seems like pregnancy is just 9 months of waiting!

If the pregnancy is planned, it starts with waiting for that missed period so you can test
And it continues, as you wait for the 3 minutes until you can check the result!
If the two lines appear, well, theres just more waiting ahead of you! 

You wait for the right time to tell people (or maybe you don't:))
You wait for that magically 3 month mark, when you can breathe a little easier.
You wait for the morning sickness to pass
You wait to start for that bump to start showing, so you can start showing it off.
You wait for those first little movements, that are so slight you wonder if you imagined them. 
You wait for appointments at the hospital and doctor (And just there is enough waiting for anyone!)
You wait for scans, and you wait to find out the gender, whether that be 20weeks or 40!
You wait for your due date
You wait for the smallest sign that it might be time,
and finally, you wait for it to be over!

You wait, and wait, and wait. 

From the minute of conception, to the time when you finally get to hold your baby in your arms, pregnancy is all about waiting!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rabbit Food!

As i said in an earlier post, I have been extremely lucky when it comes to being sick (or not, as the case may be!) this time.

Even the crazy extreme heartburn seems to have died off. So all i have left is the annoyance of not drinking tea, and the problem of having to eat all the time (Yes, cos thats a problem?)

However, tonight, while the rest of my little family enjoys Nachos at the dining table, I am sitting at the computer blogging!

Its not that i'm anti-social, or dont value the time together! I just cant stand the smell of the dinner!
I haven't felt like throwing up at all until tonight, but the aromas coming from the kitchen as dinner was cooking evoked the feeling! (No offence to my helpful hubby who cooked the dinner!)

So I ate lettuce! :( Maybe I can make up for it with chocolate once the kids have gone to bed.... 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today, I spent the afternoon at the hospital's Emergency Department.
Not for me.
My sister, who had recently found out that she was also pregnant, had some bleeding, and was really unwell. We'd headed up to the hospital to get things checked.

Tragically, she had miscarried.
Sitting with her, as she was told that she had lost her baby, was one of the hardest things!
Watching my little sister go through that was heart breaking!
But maybe, worse, was that i couldnt do anything!
I didnt know what to say to her! She'd lost a baby!
Who was I to comfort her? I still had my baby. And i had 3 healthy daughters waiting at home for me!

So tonight, i revisited a friends blog, Aspiring Mum, where i knew she had written about Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss. 
What do you say or do?
For an insightful read on responding when someone loses a baby, click over to Aspiring Mum's Silence Of The Loss

Giveaway Update

Please remember to POST A COMMENT on the Giveaway post, after you have voted and visted Baby Laila, Handmade Goods on Facebook.
I am unable to count your vote if you dont!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Losing it!

So, I've heard alot of pregnant women, and mothers talk about how affected they were by pregnancy hormones, and how they were overly emotional and literally cried over spilt milk!
I, personally, never had much experience with being overly emotional. I just guessed it didnt affect me in the same way....Until Today!

Today, I had a rushed morning getting all 3 girls fed, bathed and dressed, ready to take Zoey to Daycare, and head straight to the shops after. We finally made it out of the house, dropped Z off and got to the Post Office with not too much trouble despite the rain and Christmas traffic.

First Pregnant Moment: We battled the rain, crossing half the huge carpark, just for me to realise when we came to the door of the Post Office, that i had forgotten to grab the stuff i wanted to post out of the car!! Aaarghh!!

Second, and more embarrassing and surprising, Pregnant Moment: After traipsing around the shopping centre, and finally getting back out to the car, I unload the girls and the shopping from the pram, and realise that Bronte has lost a shoe!! 

Wait, the Moment is coming....

Realising this, and realising that the shoe she has lost is one of a pair that were Elliotts first ever shoes, and have been worn by the little fat feet of all three of my baby girls, I cried!
Okay, so before you picture me a sobbing mess, It was more just eyes tearing up, but for me, who is a pretty not emotional sort of person, it was a Moment!! 
I also called the two major shops we had been in, and asked them to let me know if anyone handed it in! Yes, its like looking for a shoe in a crowded shopping centre at Christmas Time, but my poor little pregnant hormones had to do everything they could to get that sentimental peice of footwear back!

Ahh, Pregnancy Hormones! Next, I'll be crying during Home and Away!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ok so i LOVE Giveaways! 
So much fun!!

I also LOVE the Beautiful Handmade bibs that I found at Baby Laila, Handmade Goods
She also makes adorable hair clip, little baby shoes and more! Definitely worth a look!! 

Aren't they gorgeous?? 

So I'm putting the two together!!
If you would like the chance to win 2 Handmade Bibs of your choice from Baby Laila, then heres your chance! 
To Enter, You need to vote in the current poll (What Gender will the baby be?),  Pop over and 'Like' Baby Laila, Handmade Goods on Facebook, and come back and leave a comment on this post to tell which bib is your favourite! 

Dont Forget to leave an email address! 
Competition Closes 15th Dec!

Good Luck! I only wish i could enter! ;)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

14 weeks - Buying for Baby

Aarghh! Why cant babies grow quicker? 

Today, I am frustrated! 

See with the takeoff of all these WAHM's, there are sooo many beautiful things to buy for babies!
BUT, I won't know whether this is a boy or a girl for another month! So while my hubby and the credit card are happily enjoying this month, my list is getting longer, and longer.
Here are a few of the things that i really want to buy for Quatrini (<- babies nickname!):

A Nappy Pouch 
'Brown on Green Polka Dots' from A Feathered Nest
 Okay so this is more for the girls, since they are the ones i only need to take a nappy and wipes for, and the baby is going to need alot more than that, but i've never been into huge nappy bags, and i think a nappy pouch would be great to leave in the car so i dont forget spare undies for the 3yr old etc.

Handmade Bibs
'Stone Age - New Mumma Gift Set'  from Charli&Jax

Cos they are just so cute! These ones, obviously, wont' suit a girl!

Designer Dummy Clip
"Personalised Cookie Monster Dummy Clip" from SPATZ

Well I'm sure you can guess what a dummy clip is for! And these are just gorgeous

And the List goes on!!!
So maybe its a good thing i dont know the gender!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Dreaded "All Day Sickness"

I've been lucky this time around! 
With the first 3, I was so weak, had no energy and felt faint and nauseous every time i stood up, for up to 15weeks!
This pregnancy, however, I've come close to forgetting I'm pregnant at all! 

At about 8 weeks, I started a cycle of 4 days feeling fine, 1 extremely tired day, a sick day, and a recovery day. It lasted all of 3 weeks until it went away completely...until 2 days ago! (I've been feeling nauseous for the passed couple of days and it seems today will be no different! Fingers Crossed I'm just a bit sick, independent of the pregnancy! )

I have however, been fighting a never ending run of Colds and Flus, and even a Sinus Infection thrown in there! Luckily, It seems that i am finally over them, and can breathe easy!

For those of you who have had horrible pregnancies, I feel for you! I would NOT cope with some of the pregnancy experiences I've heard about!
But if its any consolation, I have been suffering crazily intense heartburn if i eat anything that has any flavour! I've also been off milk up until a couple of weeks ago, and I can barely stomach Tea! *Cry*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

13 Week Belly Shot

Little Bit Bloated but not really 'showing' much yet!

12 weeks - Telling the In Laws!

Up until now, I've been driving a Magna (5 seater Sedan) , but with the impending addition of baby number 4, we've had to upsize to a 'people mover'

Now I'm not the kind of person who thinks that you need to wait till you're 12 weeks to share the happy news (Though i fully understand doing so!!) But i do love to keep it a secret for atleast awhile! (It makes me feel skinny!)

With Baby 1 and 3, we shared the news fairly early in the piece, and with baby 2, i managed to hide it from friends until 20weeks! (we told family between 11 -14wks). This time, we went with somewhere in between. I told a sister or 2 straight away (and a few others found out because having a big family means no-one can keep a secret!), but we held off telling my husbands family until we were felt we were ready.

This time came a little earlier than expected, when our car of choice (Mazda MPV) came up in a search severely under priced! We snapped up the bargain, but then had the small problem of the big white car sitting in our drive way! AND the inlaws were coming to visit less than a week later!

"We could park it down the road?"
"Say its someone elses and they're just parking it here at the moment?"
"Tell them i wrote off the Magna!!"

Yes, all good stories, but we thought we should come clean!
It was at about this time that we also realised our eldest daughter (who is only 3!) actually knew what the word 'pregnant' meant, and had actually understood all our hushed conversations!
"Mums going to have a baby!" She announced to her father one morning.

The cat was out of the bag!

So came the day, just short of 13 weeks, when My mother and father in law came to visit.

"Whose car is that?" They asked, to which i replied, they'd have to ask Elliott!
When she emerged from after her nap, she joyfully told them it was "OURS!"
" What about the green car?" I asked
" It doesnt have enough room" She replied
"Not enough room? Why not?"

Yes that conversation took alot of practice, and a bit of coaxing to get it out of her, but it passed on the message sufficiently! The soon to be grandparents (again) were quite excited for us, and shared our same hopefullness that we might finally get our boy!

To cut a long story short, we attempted the same conversation the next day when we arrived at the InLaws house for family lunch, but My husbands sisters and brothers got a lot more gibberish than the day before.
Still, Elliott passed on the message!
And by the next night, It was posted on Facebook! (As you do!)