Friday, May 27, 2011

39 week update

Wow! 37 and 38 weeks came and went in flurry of uni assignments and overtired children! Here we
are with a week(ish) left!

I must say this pregnancy has gone so quickly! Sure there are days (or every day?!) that i kind of hope that today might be the day, but I think between uni and the girls, and my little hobby sewing business, I have managed to keep busy enough to not be thinking about his arrival every minute of every day!

I've been meaning to add a new belly photo for weeks, so here one finally is! This is me (and he) at 39 weeks:
He feels like he's going to be long, and a bit of a fatty! So I am making my official guess as 8 lb, and 54cm long, born on 1 June (1 day late).

Anyone else care for a guess? 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

36 weeks - Getting Organised

Okay, so contrary to my previous post, i am getting impatient!
Maybe its the lack of energy and focus (except when it comes to cleaning!)
Maybe its the constant Braxton Hicks Contractions that i have been having,
But for some reason (or lots of them!) I just cannot imagine being pregnant for another month! I just don't think my body could cope with that!
So I am getting organised, just in case!

So far, along with my ridiculous cleaning sprees, I have been checking of tasks on my own to- do list, below:
Yes, painting toenails is essential before giving birth, Just ask my sister!

THEN, I came across a blog post from a super-organised super woman today, about her organising for the birth of her second child, and it inspired me to extend my To-Do list. So, with the inspiration of Jade from Super Organised Mum, I have written a new, more extensive  (and prettier!) list to keep me busy till this bub is born. This is what i hope to get accomplished:

SuperMom List Template, Courtesy of Super Organised Mom

Stay tuned to see how far i actually get!!