Tuesday, April 26, 2011

35 weeks

It puzzles me why women torture themselves waiting for their 'due date'. What puzzles me more is when women start counting down, or thinking 'any day now' from 36 weeks!
The last month or two is hard enough as it is without adding to it with what is usually false hope!
Believe me, I have late babies....I just take longer to cook them then other women, i guess. But with a sister who has never gone full term, I assumed in my first pregnancy that i also would go early! and at 41wks, i went into labour!
So this time, I am just telling myself that its going to be a week longer than my due date, and if I'm pleasantly surprised so be it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

32 weeks - cleaning bug!

I think i freaked my husband out the other night. While he lovingly sat and typed up a transcript of an interview for me, I started tidying up the kitchen....no big surprises there, I do occasionally clean my kitchen ;)

But it didn't stop at loading the dishwasher, or hand washing the large dishes that didn't fit. It didn't stop at sweeping the floor, or wiping down the table. The bleach came out, and every surface of bench and sink got scrubbed!

Even when the clock ticked passed 10pm, I still thought it necessary to thoroughly clean the windows, and even take down the curtains to wash them! AND after 11pm, I just had to mop the floor!

I might have preluded this post with an explanation of how women in my family handle labour... we wash dishes, we mop floors, we make kids lunches, we fold washing. All the housework from the week, and all the spring cleaning for the year gets done in those few hours of early labour!

See why he was worrying?!

Its ok though. It was only a spot of early nesting... the real deal is still to come....I wonder what i might find to clean then?!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lucky Baby...Sleven?

Most of you will not be familiar with Josh Hartnett movie , The Lucky Number Sleven. That would be because it was poorly titled 'The Wrong Man' in Australia!
I mention this because we were humerously adding Sleven to our baby name list, and while it was ruled out on a serious note, I think it has proven quite fitting!

See, we have these friends, a couple, who we enjoy sharing dinner with (mostly) weekly. As part of this, we watch movies together, play board games, and most recently play cards.
The main game we play is called 'Hand and Foot'. Its played in pairs, boys against girls, and I've been told that traditionally, boys win. Not so for us!

Why you ask? and How does this relate to a pregnancy blog?

Well it all comes down to my lucky charm - the boy within.
When bub is awake, the girls have unprecedented luck, and have experienced the most glorious comebacks from the pits of negative scores. From a score of not much more than 900 against the boys 7000+ to our win with 10,000+....It really is amazing.
Unfortunately, when bub is sleeping, we lose to the same degree!

We're still to decide whether we'll want to continue playing cards once he is born, but fingers crossed the luck continues post delivery with feeding or even holding!For now, us girls are getting in as many wins as we can while the luck holds on!