Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lucky Baby...Sleven?

Most of you will not be familiar with Josh Hartnett movie , The Lucky Number Sleven. That would be because it was poorly titled 'The Wrong Man' in Australia!
I mention this because we were humerously adding Sleven to our baby name list, and while it was ruled out on a serious note, I think it has proven quite fitting!

See, we have these friends, a couple, who we enjoy sharing dinner with (mostly) weekly. As part of this, we watch movies together, play board games, and most recently play cards.
The main game we play is called 'Hand and Foot'. Its played in pairs, boys against girls, and I've been told that traditionally, boys win. Not so for us!

Why you ask? and How does this relate to a pregnancy blog?

Well it all comes down to my lucky charm - the boy within.
When bub is awake, the girls have unprecedented luck, and have experienced the most glorious comebacks from the pits of negative scores. From a score of not much more than 900 against the boys 7000+ to our win with 10,000+....It really is amazing.
Unfortunately, when bub is sleeping, we lose to the same degree!

We're still to decide whether we'll want to continue playing cards once he is born, but fingers crossed the luck continues post delivery with feeding or even holding!For now, us girls are getting in as many wins as we can while the luck holds on!

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